Flapper Valve for Full Face Mask-Mask Flapper Valve FDA Medical Silicone Rubber Parts

A Flapper Valve for Full Face Mask is a device used in full face masks. Typically manufactured through molding, liquid silicone is injected into molds and cured to form the desired shape and size. The primary function of this valve is to create a seal on the mask, ensuring that air or other gases can

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Flapper Valve for Full Face Mask

Flapper Valves, also known as flap valve, flapper check valve, swing check valve, swing valve, which are used to facilitate a unidirectional flow of fluid. Depending upon the application this either causes a forward flow or prevents backflow in a device. Our flapper valves are produced from a wide variety of rubber compounds, including medical and food-grade silicone and hydrocarbon-resistant fluorosilicone rubber in order to handle a broad range of tolerances and temperatures.

Flapper Valve’s Characters

1. Easy to open and close, low pressure & low fluid resistance.
2. Simple structure, small size and light weight
3. It has ood sealing at low pressure working environment.
4. Good regulation of performance, and small range of pressure and working temperature.

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Our Company Advantages for Medical Valve Production

1. Precision Own Mold-Making Technology since 1998, one stop service for silicone rubber compression molded components, plastic injection molded and liquid silicone rubber molding components.

2. In-depth knowledge of elastomeric materials molded

3. In-depth knowledge of fluid control technology.

4. Mature Experience of avoid out of shape and damage from Production to Shipment: Materials Choice, Design Improvement and Packing Information.

5. Rapid prototyping with full sizes production equipment and production materials.

6. Experienced clean room and precision manufacturing technology.

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