FAQS About The Metal Spring Clip

What is spring clip?
A spring clip is a versatile metal component designed to secure and support various shapes of metal springs.

What is the material of metal spring clip?


Stainless Steel

High Carbon Steel

Low Carbon Steel




All types of bimetals

What are spring clips apply for?

Spring clips find widespread application in diverse industries, including automotive, electronics, and manufacturing.

Do you produce other size metal clips?

Yes, our manufacturing facility specializes in the production of custom spring clips, offering a range of shapes and sizes meticulously crafted to meet bespoke specifications for diverse applications.

How do you make spring steel clips?

Utilizing advanced precision manufacturing, we specialize in crafting bespoke spring clips tailored to diverse industries. Our capabilities cover micro-miniature to intricate designs, produced with precision on power presses and fourslide machines. Our well-maintained fourslide machines uphold rigorous tolerance requirements through meticulous maintenance. With extensive design experience, we engineer tooling using 3D software and in-house CNC and wire EDM machines. Contact us for competitive quotes on your custom spring clip needs.

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