EPDM Rubber Gasket Seal Washers

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One-stop Solution for EPDM Rubber Seals and EPDM Washers

EPDM Gaskets, alternatively referred to as EPDM Rubber Seals and EPDM Washers, are crafted from a compound material, typically in black. Renowned for its superior resistance to heat, ozone, aging, and excellent electrical insulation properties, EPDM Gaskets stand out as the preferred choice for various applications, including auto parts, wire & cable, waterproof roofing materials, outdoor sealing, and more.

EPDM Rubber Seal is the largest consumption in automotive rubber,mainly manufacturing door and windowsealing tape, radiator rubber hose and other parts.

EPDM Rubber Gasket is usually manufactured by compression molding, rubber injection molding and die cuttool.


EPDM Gasket Properties and Application

EPDM Gasket has excellent ozone-resistant heat-resistant, weather-resistant, which can be in long-termoperation under 150°C, generally EPDM sealing gasket is working -55~150°C. So EPDM seals usually are usedfor heat-resistant rubber hose, transport belt, radiator hose and spark plug sheath etc.

EPDM Sealing Gasket has good uperheated water resistance,electrica property,elasticity and adhesion.So EPDM casket is a dea thermal insulation materials for automobile, marine, household appliances electronic equipment, medical devices, fitness devices and air-condition pipe, etc.

EPDIM Rubber Gasket has the lowest density in all rubbers, which is able to absorb a lot of filings & oils whilenas little effect on EPDM properties. Therefore, EPDM rubber sea usually is made into low-cost rubber compounds.

EPDM Rubber Seal has good resistance to water and chemicals, which can be used for alcohols & ketonessealing under high temperature steam, bathroom equipment, auto radiator & braking systems. However, EPDNwasher is not recommended for food application pr exposure to mineral oil.

EPDM Washer has excellent electrica insulation and corona resistance. which volume resistivity can reach10%0.m, and breakdown voltage is about 30-40MV/m, the dielectric constant is also low. Especially its electricaoroperties change is also small after immersion. So EPDM rubber gasket is mainly used for wire & cable sleevenousehold Electrical accessories etc.

EPDM Gasket Disadvantage

  • EPDM rubber Gasket has slow curing rate
  • EPDM Seal has inferior in resistance to oil , fuel and aliphatic- solvent.
  • EPDM sealing Gasket is difficult to blend with other unsaturated rubbers
  • EPDM rubber seal has poor self-adhesion and mutual viscosity.
  • EPDM Gasket has poor bonding property with other materials results in poor proccessing performance.

EPDM Gasket compare with Other Rubber Gasket

Compare to Silicone gasket and FKM gasket, the physical mechanical properties and comprehensive performanceof EPDM Gasket are more balanced, and also EPDM gasket has a better development advantage of rawmaterial and low proccessing cost, However, the vulcanization speed of EPDM rubber Gasket is slower, and alsothe cohesiveness and resistance to aliphatic solvents are inferior.
Compare to NR gasket with excellent elasticity and ideal physical mechanical properties, the resistance to ozoneand weather of EPDM gasket is superior. lf NR and EPDM can be used well together, the advantages anddisadvantages will be complementedm, but the problem of co-curing is the key to the success or failure ofthese two rubber blends.
Compare to NBR gasket has a good resistance to oil, together with the typical polar rubber NBR, EPDM providesa new material that is resistant to high temperatures, oils, ozone and aging.
Compare to CR gasket, EPDM rubber gasket has a good resistance to low temperature and oxcenated-solventbut poor resistance to rebound , gas impermeability and alcohol.


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