Disposable Medical Silicone Foley Catheter OEM

The Disposable Medical Silicone Foley Catheter is a flexible tube used to drain urine from the bladder in patients unable to urinate naturally. Made from soft, biocompatible silicone, it features a balloon for secure placement and drainage connectors. Designed for single-use to reduce infection risks, it's an essential tool in medical settings for managing urinary

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Silicone Catheter also called as Rubber Catheter, UrinaryCatheter, Silicone Foley Catheters, 2-way Catheter, 3-wayCatheter, Indwelling Catheter, Central Venous Catheter.which can be made ofliquid silicone, Plastic(PVC).Rubber, while because of the high safety requierement.Liquid silicone/LSR by liquid silicone injection moldingis the best choice. Silicone Catheter Definition:SiliconeUnrinary Catheter is a hollow, partially flexible tube thatcollects urine from the bladder and leads to a drainagebag. Silicone Catheters come in many sizes and types.most common types are:indwelling catheters, externalcatheters, and short-term catheters.


  • 2 way, 3 way, with balloon, 1 pcs in a sterile pouch.
  • Silicone foley catheter is made of 100% silicone, latex free. Sterile, single use only.
  • 2-way pediatric with balloon, Fr 8 to Fr 10, (3/5 cc balloon), length 27 cm
  • 2-way standard with balloon, Fr 12 to Fr 14, (5/10 cc balloon), length 40 cm
  • 2-way standard with balloon, Fr 16 to Fr 24, (5/10/30 cc balloon), length 40 cm
  • 3-way standard with balloon, Fr 16 to Fr 26, (30 cc balloon), length 40 cm
  • Individually packed in a peel pack, 10 pcs in a paper box.
  • OEM is available.

Silicone Catheter biocompatibility is important and will depend on the physical property ofthe instrument, its chemical nature as also whether the body’s reaction to the apparatus willimpact its utility. Some materials are more biocompatible than others.

Why Liquid Silicone Catheter is A Better Choice?

The properties of Liquid Silicone makes silicone urethral catheter better than a latex catheterEspecially the chemical and thermal stability, low surface tension and hydrophobicity. LSRSilicone is typically resistant to chemical attack and insensitive to temperature changes. LiquidSilicone is one of the most thoroughly tested groups of biomaterials and recognized for itsinherent biocompatibility and bio-durability.


ISR is an inorganic nature, which is clean, plasticizer-free, tasteless, and is water proof, canresist oxidation and some chemical materials like acids and alkali. Liquid silicone rubber alsoresists to bacteria growth, which will not stain or corrode other materials and also burns to formwater vapor and carbon dioxide, not halogens, not toxins etc.


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