Customized POS Machine Silicone Rubber Keyspads Waterproof Durable

Our silicone buttons are engineered for durability and versatility in harsh environments. Designed for easy disinfection and washing, they feature a simple yet robust structure crafted with specially developed high-strength silicone adhesive. Without the need for metal components, they ensure reliable and stable performance. With a diverse range of colors and unique surface treatments, our

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The appearance is soft, the feel is also more comfortable, the sense of rebound paragraph is also good. The related process is also more diverse, the hardness of silica gel can also be deployed, the color can also be deployed at will.

Product name      POS machine waterproof durable silicone rubber keys                     
Main Material 100% non-toxic silicone,harmless to body and resilience silicon rubber and common rubber combinated  
Accessories Material    high resilience rubber and common rubber combinated material if special need
Color White, blue, yellow, pink, green, grey, black,custom color
Secondery process Epoxy, spray, laser etching, silk screen, sealplast, rubber with PC,metal

It can be used in any harsh environment and can be disinfected and washed in water. The special design and production process of silica gel button make the structure of the button simple, the use of specially developed high-strength silicon adhesive, without any metal gong nail, reliable and stable performance. Silicone keys color diversity, distinct personality, unique surface treatment, so that the key text never fall off, do not fade, absolutely meet your use requirements.


Our Strengths
1. Professional silicone button manufacturing factory, with precision mold manufacturing technology.
2. There are 100,000 grade clean plants, which can customize the production of medical and food grade silicone products.
3. Quick response. As long as you provide samples or design drawings and tell us specific requirements, you can give us a quick quotation.
4.Xiamen port is one of the ports with the largest import and export throughput in China, which is very convenient for sea and air transportation.
5. We can designate a forwarder with good service for you, provide transportation services, or accept your designated forwarder.
6. As long as you have enough order quantity, we will bear the cost of making new mould.
7. In addition to manufacturing plants, we also have our own import and export company, which is specialized in exporting products overseas.


Key Points in the Design of POS Machine Silicone Rubber Keypads

  1. Custom User Interface: First, understand the specific requirements of the customer and the POS machine’s user interface. This includes the number of keys, layout, symbols, and functions. Work closely with the customer and the POS machine manufacturer to ensure that the design meets their expected appearance and performance.
  2. Silicone Rubber Material Selection: Choose silicone rubber material based on the customer’s environmental conditions and requirements, ensuring it possesses the required durability, wear resistance, and dust and splash resistance. If the POS machine will be used outdoors or in harsh environments, consider special weather-resistant silicone rubber.
  3. Tactile Feedback Design: Determine the type of tactile feedback required, such as light touch or distinct click feel. Design the shape, elasticity, and feel of the silicone rubber keys to provide the desired user experience.
  4. Symbols and Labels: Customize symbols, logos, and labels on the keys based on the customer’s branding and functional requirements. Ensure they are clear, durable, and do not fade.
  5. Durability and Lifespan: Given that POS machines typically undergo high-frequency usage, ensure the design of the silicone rubber keys offers sufficient durability to withstand thousands of presses. Use high-quality silicone rubber material and reinforced internal structures to extend the keys’ lifespan.
  6. Electrical Connection and Integration: Ensure that the silicone rubber keys establish a reliable connection with the POS machine’s circuit board to transmit user input signals. Ensure they seamlessly integrate with the machine’s casing and control panel.
  7. Color and Appearance: Customize the color and appearance of the keys to match the customer’s branding requirements and the overall look of the POS machine. Ensure they align with the machine’s overall appearance and contribute to a professional image.
  8. Quality Control: Implement strict quality control procedures throughout the production process to ensure the consistency and reliability of each silicone rubber key. Conduct rigorous testing, including tactile feedback, conductivity, and durability tests.

Surface Treatments For POS Machine Silicone Rubber Keypads

  • Dust and Waterproof Coating
  • Antibacterial Coating
  • Wear-Resistant Coating
  • Anti-Fingerprint Coating
  • UV Protection


  • Application Pos
  • Small card reader


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