Custom Steel Angle Bracket Metal Corner Connecting Brackets

"Custom Steel Angle Bracket Metal Corner Connecting Brackets" are specially tailored brackets used for reinforcing structures, providing support, or connecting components in construction, furniture manufacturing, and mechanical equipment. They are customized to meet specific requirements and designs, ensuring they fulfill various application needs effectively.

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Custom Steel Angle Bracket Metal Corner Connecting BracketsCustom Steel Angle Bracket Metal Corner Connecting Brackets are meticulously crafted from premium stainless steel. Available in thicknesses of 1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm, these brackets come in a variety of colors, including silver, black, coppery, yellow, and white. The surface treatments, including powder coating, plating, polishing, and brushing, ensure a refined appearance. Manufactured through stamping, machining, and iron casting processes, these brackets find extensive applications in the furniture, industrial, construction, electronic, appliance, and automotive industries. We offer tailored solutions, ensuring our products meet high standards and cater to diverse industry needs.


Type : stamping parts

Material: stainless steel

Thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm

Color: silver, black, coppery, yellow, white, black, etc

Surface treatment: powder coating, plating, polishing, brushing

Process: stamping, machining, iron casting

Certifications: ISO 9001

Test: 48H salt-spray testing, 2D testing, plainness testing

OEM/ODM: available

Packing: plastic bag, carton and pallet or according to customer’s needs

Application: furniture, industrial, construction, electronic, appliance, automotive

Process of Surface Treatment

  • Powder Coating: Precision powder coating provides a durable, corrosion-resistant layer, enhancing resilience for varied environments. This process results in a smooth, uniform surface, elevating the brackets’ overall appearance.
  • Plating: Expert plating enhances resistance and imparts a lustrous finish, fortifying the brackets against wear. This layer adds durability and a polished look.
  • Polishing: Meticulous polishing creates a reflective surface, enhancing visual allure and providing a flawless finish, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Brushing: Careful brushing imparts a textured finish, enhancing both visual and tactile aesthetics. This technique adds a unique, refined appearance.


Our Custom Steel Angle Bracket Metal Corner Connecting Brackets find versatile applications across various industries:

  • Furniture: These brackets provide robust support in furniture assembly, ensuring stability for tables, chairs, and cabinets.
  • Industrial: In industrial settings, these brackets serve as vital components for connecting heavy machinery and equipment, ensuring structural integrity and safety.
  • Construction: Used in construction projects, these brackets reinforce frameworks and structures, enhancing overall stability and durability.
  • Electronic: These brackets are employed in electronic devices and enclosures, securely mounting components like circuit boards and modules.
  • Appliance: In appliances such as washing machines and ovens, these brackets offer stability, ensuring the proper positioning of internal components.
  • Automotive: Within the automotive industry, these brackets are essential for various applications, including securing components in the engine compartment and supporting structural elements.
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