Custom Mold Tooling for silicone LSR Shower Head Accessories

"Custom Mold Tooling for silicone LSR Shower Head Accessories" refers to tailor-made molds used for producing shower head accessories such as nozzles and seals, typically made from liquid silicone rubber (LSR) to ensure durability, heat resistance, and waterproofing. Surface treatments for these accessories may include coating, polishing, sandblasting, and laser engraving, which enhance durability, aesthetics,

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LSR Over-molding Shower Head Mold Design

Due to the high expansion coefficient of LSR, expansion occurs when heated, while slight contraction occurs when cooled

This part cannot maintain accurate margin in the die. Therefore, cold runner processing can be used, and LSR should be protected

With lower temperature and fluidity, the cold runner USES a closed system, in the injection cycle, the closed system in each

Each flow channel adopts “sealing needle” or “needle valve” to control the accurate measurement of LSR material.

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LSR over-molded shower head accessories mold specification

Mold type Two-plate with slider Gate type Valve gate
General thickness 0.5-2.1mm Runner brand Cold runner 
Material LSR shrinkage 0.3%
Part weight 6.5g NO. of gate Each product ONE
Cavities 1*2 Injection machine LSR Vertical injection machine
Surface EDM-VID21-24 Cycle time 70-100s
Cavity steal S136(HRC48-50) ASSAB Core steal S136(HRC50-52) ASSAB

Liquid Silicone Rubber is a kind of non-toxic, heat-resistant and highly resilient flexibility. The rheological behavior of thermosetting materials is mainly characterized by low viscosity, rapid curing, thinning shear and higher Coefficient of thermal expansion. LSR is a dual-liquid rapid vulcanization material with platinum as catalyst, which can be used in injection molding. Mass, rapid vulcanization, repetitive mechanical production.


Silicone injection shower head accessories mold application

YJC Silicone Parts is a high-end provider of produced parts using the insert plastic molding process for major OEMs. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities, excellent quality control, and many years of exclusive experience with LSR components make us an ideal partner for your next project.

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In the phase of the product development, our designers have a strong communication ability with customers. To the question of diversification and complexity of product structure, designers will analyze the structure by using software, and propose the clear practical solution.

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