Custom Clear Medical Inflatable Silicone Rubber Bellows

Custom Clear Medical Inflatable Silicone Rubber Bellows" is a common component in medical devices, made of medical-grade silicone rubber and featuring inflatable properties. It is used in applications such as respirators and infusion equipment. Its transparent design allows medical personnel to observe the internal situation clearly, while its flexibility and compressibility enable adaptation to various

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Custom Medical Silicone Rubber Bellows Sleeve for Syringe

Rubber Bellows, known as rubber expansion joints, rubber dust boots, which are used as a cover or expansion joint to protect device or machines against dust, water, oil, grease, acids, bleaches, spatter or other environment elements. 

Rubber Bllows are made by rubber compression molding, rubber injection molding or extrusion tool.



1.Color:Semi-transparent or customized

2.Shore Durometer A:30shoreA-80shoreA

3.Diameter Size Rank:0.3mm-80mm or customers’ drawing

4.Tolerance of size:0.05mm-0.1mm

5.Temperature Resistance:-40°C—200°C(normal)-60°C—280°C(special)


  • Injection & Vial Filling Machine.
  • Peristaltic Pump
  • For transfer of oral liquids like Syrups, Tonics etc.
  • For transfer of Ointments, Creams etc.
  • For use in Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, MedicalSurgical& Electrical Industries as a corona discharge


Why choose us to order rubber bellows?

A. Wall thickness tolerance: less than 0.05mm

B. Mini or less bellow flashing

C. Mold maintenance aiming to up and down mold plate with horizontal stripe in exact position

D. Good ejected molding to improving rubber bellows production efficiency

Rubber Bellows Main Structions and Shapes

  • Straight Convolution Rubber Bellows
  • Spiral Convolution Rubber Bellows
  • Concentric Rubber Bellows
  • Tapered Rubber Bellows
  • Metal+Rubber Overmold Bellows 
  • Rubber Bellows with Clamping, Hole & Lock 
  • Square Bellows
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