CPAP Mask Silicone Mask Cushion Full Face Mask

The CPAP Mask is a full-face mask with ventilated and non-ventilated options for personalization and comfort. The inclusion of a forehead support and swivel connector further enhances the usability of the silicone mask. It's designed with convenience in mind, allowing you to engage in activities like watching TV, reading, or texting without taking off your

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CPAP Mask Silicone Mask Cushion Full Face Mask

Choose between vented and non-vented options for personalized comfort. The PC mask shell, coupled with a silicone cushion, ensures a secure yet gentle fit. The inclusion of a forehead support and rotational connector further enhances the usability of the mask. The adjustable head strap allows for a customized and secure fit, ensuring your comfort while using it.

Enhance your CPAP experience with our CPAP Mask featuring a traditional full-face cushion design. The mask is thoughtfully crafted to provide optimal comfort and visibility as you prepare for a restful sleep. Designed with convenience in mind, it allows you to engage in activities like watching TV, reading, or sending texts without the need to remove the mask.

Experience a seamless blend of functionality and comfort with our CPAP Mask, providing a reliable solution for your respiratory ventilator needs.

Production Process

  • Preparation of Silicone Material: Firstly, silicone granules are heated to a liquid state to ensure optimal flow.
  • Injection Molding: The liquid silicone is injected into a pre-designed mold that matches the shape and size of the final product, which, in this case, is the face mask.
  • Curing and Cooling: After injection, the silicone undergoes curing and cooling within the mold. This step ensures that the silicone takes on the desired shape and is evenly distributed across the entire mask.
  • Demolding and Inspection: Once the silicone has completely cured, the face mask is removed from the mold. Subsequently, the mask undergoes inspection to ensure quality, integrity, and compliance with design specifications.
  • Processing and Assembly: Additional processing may be required to refine certain details and ensure the mask meets high standards. Other components of the silicone mask, such as straps and adjustment devices, will be assembled during this stage.

This liquid silicone injection molding process guarantees the production of a high-quality, comfortable, and reliable CPAP mask, meeting the needs and expectations of users.

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