Bellows Vacuum Suction Cup

"Custom Bellows Vacuum Suction Cup" is a type of customized vacuum suction cup that helps you easily grip and move objects on various surfaces. These suction cups are made of flexible rubber or silicone and feature a bellows-like design, allowing them to adapt to objects of different shapes and contours. By creating a negative pressure,

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Custom Bellows Vacuum Suction Cup

Bellows Vacuum Suction Cups also known assuction bellows, vacuum suction pad and rubbersuckers, which is often used to lift concave andconvex shapes.As bellow suction cupmanufacturer, we not only provide wholesaleuniversal bellow vacuum suction cups but alsocustom suction cups for EOAT robotic armgripper, packaging/electronics sheet handling. Also we offerbellows suction cup selection guide.


Rubber Suction Cups & Vacuum Pads Working Principle

Connecting the elastomic rubber suction cups with the vacuum equipment via a elastomeric silicone rubber, plastic ormetal tube, then attaching with the targeted-lifted objects like glass, panel, board or paper and trigger the vacuumequipment to suck or hook, which will produce negative pressure in silicone rubber vacuum cup and then it will startmoving the targeted-lifted objects. When it has moved the targeted-lifted objects to the target place, vacuum suctionequipment will smoothly inflated into the elastic rubber suction cup to change the negative pressure in elastic vacuumcup into zero pressure or a bit of positive pressure, then the silicone rubber vacuum cup will separate from the waited.ifted obiects, then the moving obiects task finished, Vacuum Suctions is idely used inindustrral suction cupsequitment& mechanical arm, and also in our daily life.


Rubber Suction Cups Main Materials

  • Natural Rubber (NR)
  • Synthetic Rubber (SBR, NBR, EPDM
  • Silicone Rubbe
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)
  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Viton
  • Hypalon


Our Production Advantage for Silicone Bellows Suction Cups & Rubber Vacuum Pads

1.Precision Mold-Making Technology: such as silicone rubber compression molded parts can up to+/-0.02mm,small or mini flashing,parting line controls.

2.One-stop Service: own mold-making, rubber compression molded, plastic injection molded, silicone & LSR injection molded production and simple assembly.

3.Professional Sales Teams and Quick Reply: Our sales engineers will well work together with molddesigning department, production department and Oc department etc, in aim to producing better qualified products &parts for customers.

4.Free Design Analysis Support for Moldability and Manufacturability: we have two rich experience design engineers will cover your projects from ideas & drawings to end use.

5.Customer’s Design Patent Protection: Only accepet custom-made projects according to customers designdrawings or samples. Our company will not sell customer’s products & parts to other customers & persons. ascustomers had paid mold-making cost to us and molding belong to their properties. We can sign NDA with customers


2.5 Bellows Style Vacuum Suction Cups 

Bellows Suction Cups are Excellent for Concave and Convex Surfaces and Eliminate the Need for SprinaSuspensions in Many Cases 2.5 Bellows Vacuum Suction Cups attach gently and easily with minimum pressure. They are excellent for concave and convex shapes as well as on slanted surfaces. Their design can replace mechanical springs, ball swivels and height compen-sators. allowing for less complicated and more economical installations. Keeping vacuum levels a bit ower extends the ife otthe suction cups.


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