Baby Teething Toy Silicone Teething Mitten for Babies BPA Free

BPA Free is a silicone teething glove designed for babies to relieve discomfort during teething. It is usually made using injection molding techniques with food grade silicone material to ensure safety. Baby Teething Glove BPA Free is a silicone teething glove designed for babies to ease discomfort during teething. It is typically made using injection

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Baby Teething Toy Silicone Teething Mitten for Babies BPA Free

One-stop sourcing center for Baby Silicone Teether Bulk that make home comfortable. Quality Silicone Baby Teether Supplies. Export to the World. 

Buy custom baby teething toys from YJC at wholesale prices! Not only can you customize the design, but you can also customize the color and packaging. We can provide packaging design service for you and provide customized packaging. No matter which design you choose, our design team will build it for you and provide you with the best and professional advice.

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Silicone Chew Teething Toys Wholesale

Melikey is a high quality baby silicone products factory, wholesale silicone teether over 10 years. We provide the high-quality baby chew toys, and produce silicone teethers in bulk. We can offer OEM/ODM service.

Perfect size and weight for small hands. Beautifully designed, small and easy to grip. Chew toys for babies 0-6 months, 6-12 months and up 

Baby sensory relief – Help your baby give up his finger-sucking habit with this adorable baby sensory chew teething toy. This baby care product can also help your baby develop a healthy U-shaped mouth and establish good oral habits

Hand Pacifier for Babies

There are a lot of benefits when your little ones are using an baby teething glove, and bear teether for baby. 

Soothing Teething Relief: The  baby bear teether, baby hand teether, and baby soothing mitten are designed to provide immediate relief to teething babies. The soft, textured surface of the infant chew mitten, biting mitten, teething mitten bpa free gently massages a baby’s gums, helping to alleviate the discomfort associated with teething.

Protects Baby’s Hands: These never drop teether, and chewing glove not only soothe sore gums but also serve as a protective barrier for your baby’s hands. These baby molar gloves, prevent babies from scratching themselves, especially during those fussy teething phases, helping to keep their hands safe and irritation-free.

Stimulates Sensory Development: The baby wrist teether, are not just practical; they’re also a source of sensory stimulation. The colorful, engaging design and different textures on the mordedera de guante and teeting mittens promote sensory development, helping babies explore and learn about their surroundings.

Adjustable and Secure Fit: Our teether with handle, are designed to stay securely on your baby’s hands. The strap ensures a snug fit that won’t easily fall off, allowing your little one to enjoy the teething relief without constant adjustments.


BPA Free

YJC prioritizes your baby’s safety. Our newborn toys, baby toys 0-3 months, teether, baby teether, and teethers for babies 6-12 months are crafted from high-quality, safe, and durable materials, ensuring a safe and teething experience. Designed to be ultra-soft and gentle, our teething, teething pacifiers for babies, baby teether toys, baby teethers, and baby teething provide soothing relief to your baby’s teething discomfort. The textured surface massages their gums, offering the comfort they need during this challenging phase of development. What are you waiting for? Custom these silicone, teethers for babies, baby chew toys, teething mittens, teether toys, baby teething mitten, teething glove, teething toys for babies, hand teether, and baby teething toy.

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