Liquid Silicone Baby Feeding Breast Bottle Nipple PBA-free

"Bisphenol A-Free Liquid Silicone Baby Bottle Nipples" refers to baby bottle nipples made of liquid silicone that is free of bisphenol A (BPA). This product is typically used for infant feeding where the nipple partially mimics the mother's breast to provide a more natural and comfortable feeding experience for the infant. The nipple is made

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Liquid Silicone Baby Nipple as a kind of babybreastfeeding simulation nipple,design based on babysucking habits.Silicone Pacifier is made ofFood GradeLiquid rubber or clear liquid silicone rubber by LiquidInjection Molding (LIM). Liqud Silicone Rubber isapproved by FDA and CE certifications, which is a goodchoice for silicone baby products for feeding andcultivating baby’s sucking action.

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Baby Bottle Nippels also known as Baby Nipple, Silicone Baby Nipples, Milk BottleNipple,Feeding Bottle Nipple, Bottle Nipple,Liquid Silicone Rubber Nippleand Liquid Silicone Pacifier, which is made of 100% Food Grade Liquid rubber or clear liquidsilicone rubber by Liquid Injection Molding (LIM), and which works together with baby can well feeded by the nipple. Milk Bottle Nipples with almost same size, soft and touchwith Mom, can bring satisfaction of breast feeding. Silicone Baby Nipples in Ligud SiliconeRubber is safe, soft, comfortable and easy to clean.


Silicone Baby Bottle Nipple with anti-colic design is important design point. To have a goodduckbill valve is important. Our die cutting tool is good and can make sure the opening clean andcan control the air well.Baby Bottle Nipples with different drips according to baby’s age to control the speed andamount of the milk.

Liquid Silicone Baby Bottle Nipples offer a better sense of breastfeeding compared to solidsilicone baby nipples:

  • Liquid silicone rubber Baby Nipple is very soft, because liquid silicone can achieve very low shorehardness.
  • Liquid silicone nipple’s thickness is twice as common nipples”Liquid silicone nipples almost have no rubber flashings and do not need to debur.LSR Bottle Nipples have high and low temperature resistance: -40°C- 230C
  • Liquid Silicone Baby Pacifier has better tear strength than solid silicone breastfeeding.

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Almost all silicone baby products such as: Silicone Baby Nipples, LSR Nipples,siliconepacifierssilicone pacifiers, Liquid silicone baby bottle,LSR Silicone Baby Breast Pump,LiquidSilicone Baby Feeder, LSR Silicone Baby Toothbrush, Silicone Baby Finger Toothbrush, TeethingToothbrush,Silicone baby tablewares choose liquid silicone rubber as material is mainly becauseit is safer and can achieve 100% Food grade compared to solid silicone rubber.

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