An Overview of Silicone Rubber Buttons for Electronics

In the design of remote controls, silicone rubber buttons have become the first choice of many manufacturers because of their excellent performance and diverse advantages. This kind of silicone material is not only durable and comfortable to touch, but also has high safety and significant cost-effectiveness. Silicone buttons are more and more widely used in the field of remote controls.

Conductive silicone is a kind of silicone rubber that contains special conductive particles and is extruded or molded together with silicone buttons. Conductive silicone buttons are one of the buttons of many electronic products and mainly conduct electricity.

A part of the conductive surface silicone button has a conductive function. When the silicone button is pressed, the conductive surface contacts the switch which contact on the circuit board, and the switch is closed. When the silicone keypad button is released, the conductive surface separates from the switch contact, and the switch opens. There are many advantages of using silicone rubber buttons for Electronics.

  1. High temperature resistance: The applicable temperature range is -40 to 230 degrees Celsius. Regardless of high or low temperature environments, the silicone buttons can maintain stable performance.They are adaptable to various usage conditions and can be used in microwave ovens and ovens.
  2. Easy to clean: Silicone products produced from silicone which can be restored to cleanliness by rinsing with water.They can also be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  3. Long lasting: The chemical properties of silicone materials are very stable with excellent wear resistance and anti-aging properties. This can ensure the silicone buttons are not easily damaged during long-term use. Silicone buttons have a longer life than other materials.
  4. Various colors: Various colors can be customized according to customer needs, making the remote control more visually attractive.
  5. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: No toxic or harmful substances are produced from raw materials entering the factory to finished products.
  6. Electrical insulation properties: Silicone rubber has a high resistivity and its resistance remains stable over a wide temperature range and frequency range.

Compared with other materials, the cost of silicone buttons is relatively low. It allows the overall cost to be reduced during mass production and meets the customers’ demand for cost-effectiveness.

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